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If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning professional or specialist who can clean residential or commercial carpet, who can clean with truck mounted steam cleaning or be a dry carpet cleaning specialist. Keep in mind we also clean upholstery, drapery, tile and grout. Pet odors and stains are no problem. Carpet repairs and restretching carpet are an additional specialty.


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Work with a Second Generation Family Owned Nashville Company That’s Been Around Since 1975 and Will Continue To Be Around In The Future.

Greg Lewis, the owner and founder of Crawlspace Makeovers, started in his late father’s (Ken Lewis) janitorial business back in 1975 during high school. He worked for him during the summer seasons during college, and then went on to work for him full time after graduating. After graduating college (UTC), Greg moved on to work a few years for the Boy Scouts of America.

Greg and his father bought the Sears Carpet Cleaning franchise servicing the Nashville area in 1987, and successfully operated it until 1999 when they sold the company. It was while operating the carpet cleaning franchise, which utilized gasoline-powered super sucker trucks, that they began to learn about and service the extraction of water in water damaged homes and businesses. This led them to other related services in the industry such as mold remediation, and then on into managing indoor air quality by adding on an air duct cleaning division.

Since most air ducts in the Nashville and surrounding areas are in the crawlspace, which is usually a mess, a crawlspace renovation division was created.

Answers to Your Questions

What are those dark lines around the edge of the carpet?

Occasionally, the dark lines around the edge of the carpet can be mold or just a build up of where the vacuum has not been able to reach. Most of the time, however, the dark lines around the edge of the carpet is a phenomenon called filtration soiling. Filtration soiling occurs when the room “breathes” around the bottom of the wall and underneath doors that remain closed most of the time. As the air flows through the carpet, the carpet acts like a filter. The particulate that is filtered has been floating in the air and is extremely small and therefore, extremely difficult to remove. It is as if someone sprinkled copier toner along the edges of the carpet.

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