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Maintaining your carpets keeps them in good condition and adds years of life. Replacing carpets is an expensive purchase that most homeowners can’t afford. Over time, seemingly harmless particles of food crumbs, dust build-up and dirt can break down delicate carpet fibers. Most carpets need cleaned at least once yearly. Households with babies and/or pets should clean carpets every 6 months.

Incorporate 6 simple cleaning hacks listed below.

1. Regularly Vacuum Your Carpets

Vacuum at least once a week to keep dust, dirt and other materials from being pushed down into the inner carpet fibers.

2. Making Your Own Carpet Cleaning Products Saves Cash

Homemade carpet cleaning products can also prevent allergic or other adverse reactions from the harsh and often toxic chemicals typically used in cleaning products.

3. How to Easily Clean Pet Hair From Carpets

Pet hair can be extremely hard to remove from carpeting. Carpet fibers catch longer pet hairs. Wet an ordinary window squeegee. Gently use the squeegee across your carpets as you would when cleaning windows.

4. Make Your Own Carpet Cleaning Solution

Avoid the harmful chemicals present in most cleaning products. Make your own gentle carpet cleaning solution. Pour 1/2 cup vinegar, 3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons each dish-washing liquid and liquid fabric softener plus 4 essential oil drops into a gallon of hot water.

5. Utilize Baking Soda for Freshening

Common household baking soda makes a terrific carpet freshener and stain removal agent. Effective on stubborn oil stains.

6. Gentle Stain Removal & Other Hacks

Blot stains inward and never rub. Spray shaving cream, and blot clean when dry. Utilize ice-cubes in furniture carpet indentations to fluff fibers. Browse here via for more hacks. Call 615-371-5355.