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Premium SteamDry Carpet Cleaning

14 Step Process Will Make

Your Carpet Look Like New Again

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This SteamDry Carpet Cleaning process is our Premium service for those who want:

  • the most thorough steam cleaning process available
  • to maintain the manufacturer wear and appearance warranty
  • the safest carpet cleaning method for their kids and pets
  • only green solutions used
  • heavy soils, contaminants or stains removed
  • to use their carpet almost immediately
  • their carpet to look great for the longest possible period of time

The most thorough carpet cleaning 14 step method:

  1. The carpet is first thoroughly inspected to identify the proper cleaning methods and cleaning solutions to achieve the maximum results. Please let us know any areas of concern you may have. We will discuss the results you can expect from the cleaning process.
  2. The next step is to remove as much dry soil as possible through thorough vacuuming with a commercial vacuum cleaner
  3. Trouble spots may need to be pre-treated. Please give us some history about what kind of spot it is, how long it has been there and what has been used to attempt to remove it. We have a truck load of specialty spotters and training. If it can be removed, we can do it!
  4. The carpet is then pre-treated with a green cleaning solution which allows time to loosen the soil and stains
  5. The pre-conditioner is agitated to loosen the soil from the fibers.
  6. Furniture is moved to allow for wall to wall cleaning
  7. The perimeter of the carpet is vacuumed, preconditioned, extracted and rinsed with a special tool to remove any filtration soiling
  8. The rest of the carpet is thoroughly extracted with a scrub wand or rotary extraction tool, depending on the degree and condition of the carpet
  9. The carpet is rinsed to remove all cleaning detergents and restore the pH to original levels
  10. Any spots remaining after the cleaning and inspection will be retreated to achieve maximum appearance levels
  11. A top of the line carpet protector is applied which gives your carpet the same level of stain resistance it had when it left the factory
  12. Grooming the carpet after cleaning helps to distribute the carpet protector, reduce the drying time and reset the pile to original conditions
  13. Using industrial air moving equipment, we “flash dry” the carpet to leave it virtually dry within 1 to 2 hours and ready for immediate use
  14. A final inspection and walk-through with you will allow us to explain what was done in the cleaning process, what trouble spots were encountered and the solutions we applied, and make any suggestions to keep your carpet looking great on a year round basis.

This service includes a free bottle of carpet spotter and a 30 days from cleaning recurring spot guarantee.

Investing this level of service in your carpet on a regular basis will give your carpet the longest quality and quantity of life.

The investment for this 14 step package is $0.65 per square feet of carpet cleaned.

Call SteamDry Carpet Cleaning today at 615-270-3315 and let your carpet start living a life of health and beauty!

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