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Freshly cleaned carpets can make a home look and feel inviting and cared for. Likewise, a particularly dirty carpet indicates to guests that the homeowner doesn’t keep a tidy household. Cleaning your carpets is not just important for the outward aesthetics. Deep cleaning your carpeting can eliminate odors, stains, dust mites and other air irritants. Many homeowners are confused about the best way to clean rugs and carpets. Having your valuable carpets deeply steam cleaned by a professional is usually considered better than DIY carpet cleaning methods. While renting or owning a DIY carpet scrubbing machine can be fine for small spills, the more powerful carpet cleaning machines used by professional carpet cleaners can extract more dirt, set-in stains, bad odors and other ground in debris.

Another benefit of regular carpet cleaning is that this can prolong the lifetime of the carpets. Since better carpeting can be pricey, it makes sense to keep them well cared for and cleaned. Families with young children or elderly parents in the home should pay more attention to carpet cleaning. Dust mites and other typical dirty carpet particles can irritate the sensitive lungs of both the young and the older generations. Those with indoor pets should clean their carpets more than the recommended 8 to 16 months most carpet experts advise.

Nylon carpets can get crushed down easily. The chemical makeup of this material enables flattened carpet strands to fluff up when the carpet is cleaned. Most carpeting warranties require regular cleanings. A professional carpet cleaning often involves deep-down steam cleaning with the company’s powerful carpet cleaning unit mounted on the company truck. Portable or home DIY carpet cleaners don’t reach the higher water/steam temperatures that professional units do, and they are less effective. Read more about carpet cleaning services via Call 615-371-5355.