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Jed Broadway Mt. Juliet Crawlspace French Drain and Sump Pump

At my residence located in Mt. Juliet, TN, I experienced ground water entering my crawl space. The water was coming in under my foundation after heavy rains. It would “pool” underneath my house in depths up to 8”-10”. The access to my crawl space is located in, what was an attached garage, and is now my recreational room.

After I discovered the problem, I purchased a sump pump and 2” PVC piping from a home improvement store to discard the water. The pump ran non-stop for over an hour each time, discharging hundreds of gallons of water.

After I began searching for a permanent solution to my problem, I contacted TIER Inc. An account representative came to my house, assessed the situation, explained the process necessary for the repairs and promptly provided me with a very reasonable cost of the repairs.

The repairs required that a trench be excavated around the inside of my foundation and a French Drain, along with an automatic sump pump, to be installed.

Upon my approval, TIER Inc scheduled the job to start at my convenience. The technicians arrived at the date that was scheduled and began work. They were only able to go down about 2”-3” before hitting solid Limestone. The technicians then were required to use drills, air hammers, hammers and chisels to penetrate the rock to the depth required. Please remember, this is in my crawl space which he has very little “head room”!

The technicians diligently worked until they acquire the correct depth for the French Drain and the container in which the sump pump was to be located (which was about 3 feet through solid rock!). They completed the job with no issues of their own while constantly keeping me inform of their progress.

After the job was completed, TIER Inc dispatched a cleaning crew to dust, clean and even steam cleaned the carpet. They perform an excellent job.

All of the fine people at TIER Inc were extremely professional, courteous and efficient. If the need ever arises, I will call TIER Inc without hesitation, for any service that they provide and also recommend them to anyone that is in need of their services. I wish that more companies operated and conducted business like TIER Inc!

TIER, Thank you for a job very well done!

A very satisfied customer,

Jed Broadway

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